17 a 18 de Novembro de 2021

Centro de Vivência - Campus da UFV - Viçosa, MG - Brasil

Obtained his Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at the Federal University of Viçosa and obtained his master's (2007) and doctorate (2010) at the same university. He also has postdoctoral period at the University of Florida in 2018-2019. He is currently a professor of dairy cattle at the Federal University of Viçosa and in August he is transferring to the Washington State University as professor of dairy cattle nutrition. The overall focus of MarcondesLab research is feed evaluation, nutrient requirements, and economics of dairy operations. Our research interest also includes the use of alternative feedstuffs to cattle, supplementation of replacement heifers on pasture and feedlots, and calf nutrition and development. My research program uses an integrated approach by collaborating dairy cattle nutrition, reproduction and behavior. (Texto informado pelo autor)

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